Leaving Gift Ideas for Staff and Colleagues

WANT TO tell a leaving colleague how sorely they will be missed? Say a fond farewell with our choice of personalized leaving gifts.

We spend more time on a daily basis with people at the workplace than with our own families. That’s why it’s important to build a good rapport with our work mates. And if you have seen many colleagues come and go, you will know how difficult it is to come across a valuable one.

So when someone awesome leaves, it can leave the rest feeling a little gutted!

These folks had the right idea.  As a parting shot, they gifted her with a wooden pen holder set with a cheeky inscription. You do not need to spend a lot of money to show that you care. A meaningful message goes a lot longer. Anything personal is not cheap!


They were certainly hoping she was coming back!

This is a wonderful way to show a co-worker how much you care, and how they made a difference at your work place.

All products in our catalogue can be personalized with names and messages to transform them into leaving gifts. It could be a desktop item that will add a nice touch to their (new) workstation, or something for their home such as a retirement whisky decanter set.

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Great Going Away Gift Ideas for Leaving Colleagues!