About Us

Creating Meaningful Giving Experiences

We are a boutique gift and gifting company based out of Texas with outposts in Scotland and Hong Kong. We have a mission to create unique gift experiences for events, branding or just for family and friends. We started out in a small way but expanded fast and we now deliver one-of-a-kind products worldwide with designers, operations and collaborations around the world.  We have access to an amazing variety of technologies for custom manufacturing and links with social suppliers and small business heroes everywhere so we can always offer a local, personal design-and-create service.


Build Better Engagement with People and Brands

We offer the chance to customize and package any of our curated range of products in a unique and individual way. There are no limits on design support and very few limits on packaging and finishing. The entire range of traditional, unique and unusual products can be combined with a variety of finishing technologies to ensure the correct finish.  Add-ins such as brochures, inserts, invites, USBs or other giveaways can be combined and integrated into the gift package. Every gift can be individually personalized and – if required – delivered direct to each recipient’s door.

We have had the pleasure of helping create unique and ethically sourced gifts for a variety of creative companies and people that want their event or presentation to stand out from the crowd. These include  marketing firms, wedding designers, conference planners, HR teams, branding geniuses and bucks/stag parties! We have helped small businesses, institutions, charities as well as large brands.

Reach Out to Someone

We build unique gift ideas for teams and brands. A meaningful gift for a team member or a standout unboxing journey for a product launch, you can count on us.

our services

Distinctive goods and our partners TPC group and social enterprise Crate drop provide personalized and custom gifts for every occasion. Individual items be branded with your name or logo, perfect for custom swag.

Our Team

You’ll find a fun team of project managers and artisans at the heart of our business. The Distinctive Goods team is based in Texas and provides custom design and fulfilment support.

We have sister workshops in Edinburgh and Hong Kong which allows us to expand our sourcing and fulfilment options. We can ship globally if you wish, just leave it to us.

Our Products

We offer the combination of traditional crafts techniques with advanced machining and production tech. We create products that stand apart. Send us a brief today and let us know what you want to achieve.

Our Packaging

Make some swag to match your brand or event. All finishing options can be personalized and we strive towards a carbon-neutral buying experience and can offer a variety of sustainablly sourced swag.

Our Customers

We work with companies who want to demonstrate they care, events where you are more than just an attendee, and people who just want to show some love.

We have made specially branded products for charities, small businesses, universities as well as large companies. Whatever you need, we’ll find a way to make it work.