Can I use my own design?

Yes in most cases we can use your design. If you have a vector graphic that is ideal however we have worked with photos, sketches and cat pictures. For larger orders our dedicated design team can create a completely new design for a special event or occasion.

Do you give discounts on quantity?

Yes! We offer significant discounts for bulk buy, promotional gifts and multiples. Every item can also be different and we can deliver each one to a different address if you like. Contact us on the right to start a discussion.

Can you do a completely custom order for my wedding or event?

Yes! The sky is the limit for special events gifts. Weddings, conferences, reunions, family gatherings, corporate retreats: we can make it personal. For wedding giveaways we can create custom crests, add a letter inside the box and paint everything a matching color. Or just send everyone a save-the-date keyring.

Where do you ship from and can you deliver any quicker?

We ship from Texas or Edinburgh depending on where you are. Typically we say 10 working days for delivery but we usually get it there within the week. However nobody likes a bad surprise so if you have a special date you are planning for, ask us to estimate delivery and do it early!

What delivery service do you use?

We use a tracked, express service and you will get an email once the item has been dispatched. That means USPS Priority or Royal Mail. For larger bulk orders it may come via DHL, UPS or Parcelforce.

Can I have an invoice?

Yes! Contact us on the right to send a request. If you have already purchased please send the order number.

How do I send you a photo, logo or design file so you can adapt it for my product?

You can contact us using the green link on the right hand side. There is a place to upload files and we will contact you via the email address you gave.

Can you include USBs or other marketing giveaways in the box?

Yes indeed, we can prepare a special package just for you with your product, some candy and even a “handwritten” personal message. Everything can be custom made for each order so all your customers or guests can feel special!

What are your packaging options?

We have wooden boxes of varying sizes, metal boxes, soft bags and a variety of other options. All can be custom decorated individually. If we don’t have it we know where to get it. Click the green icon to speak to someone about special custom packaging.

Can I send you a picture of my cat and you create a design based on the silhouette and engrave this?

Usually we would say no but because your cat is so cute we will do this for you even though you know in your heart that Fluffy only loves you when there is tuna involved.