Custom Gift Boxes

Swag Boxes and Event Gift Sets

Distinctive Goods offers a wide range of custom packaging and fun swag boxes for your team and events. We combine ethically sourced materials with our wide range of customization technologies to deliver striking and cost-effective custom gift boxes.


We work across a wide range of corporate and social events to create custom gift boxes, giveaways and guest gifts. We have specialized designs and packages for wedding favors online, starter packs for courses, events giveaways and employee events gifts.

The team have worked with multinational brands and small independent producers to create gift boxes or custom packaging to suit a wide range of brand and styles. A full pantone-matched color matching option is available for packaging and detailing to ensure the style and feel of the box is tailored to your event. To add a personal additional touch each gift box, giveaway or favor can be customized and decorated at an individual level to add additional value to the recipient.

Custom Wooden Boxes

Our custom wood boxes are expertly crafted in many different styles and different materials. We work with pine, walnut, acacia, mango and many other types of timber from sustainable sources.

Your box can be crafted any way you want it. We have made product boxes; events boxes; special occasion gift boxes and many more!

We can add a personalised touch to these boxes by engraving a logo, name, initials and more. You can also add inserts, belly bands, painted designs, embossing and much more.

GREAT FOR: product launch, wedding favours, presentations, birthdays, gift boxes, corporate events, business gifts, anniversaries.

Card and Paper Boxes.

These card boxes are crafted from recycled paper are a great lightweight alternative to plastic. The material is moisture resistant and can be engraved or colour printed. We can also add custom branded labels, promotional tags and colour matched ribbons to match your event.

Die Cut Boxes

These premium boxes offer a retail packaging look which can be personalized with a design that’s brand focused. Made from cardboard with a wealth of customisation options such as, UV printing, belly bands, decorative labels and more!

GREAT FOR: Corporate events, Business gifts, Family functions and more

Bentwood Boxes

Our classy bentwood boxes are created from top quality steamed wood, each piece of wood goes through a steaming process, which makes it malleable enough to bend using pressure. That’s what gives each box a unique shape and each one will feature different wood grain and indentation.  Customise these boxes with UV Printing, laser engraving, decorative labels, printed labels and more!

GREAT FOR: Wedding favours, family events, business events, anniversaries, thank you gifts and more

Clear Top Paper Boxes

Showcase your personalized gift in a custom clear top vinyl lid kraft paper box, perfect for adding a little bit of pizzazz in your gift presentation, add a label, belly band, printed ribbon and more! This stylish box can be one time use or used continually for multiple gift giving experiences!

GREAT FOR: Wedding favours, baking/food gifts, birthdays, thank you gifts and more

String and Button Boxes

Our string and button paper gift boxes are refreshingly simple. Once assembled, they are roomy and can hold a large capacity without fear of ill-fitting lids. Because these boxes are often used for medical purposes and sometime contain foodstuffs, it makes a unique package for gift giving, providing party favours, and holding your company’s products.

GREAT FOR:  Birthdays, wedding favours, Christmas gifts, business gifts and more.

Acrylic Boxes

Acrylic boxes from Distinctive Goods offer a level of sophistication that paper boxes cannot duplicate. They are traditionally used as jewellery boxes or for commercial displays, as they blend into an environment so that your customer’s focus is on the item inside. We’ve found that custom acrylic boxes are perfect for showcasing and protecting merchandise, collectables, jewellery, and other valuable items. Plus, our acrylic boxes have the increased sturdiness, trans-portability, and transparency that’s necessary for both personal and commercial use.

GREAT FOR:  Branded Gifts, jewellery, anniversary gifts and more

Plastic Boxes

If you want to provide slick and glossy packaging for a gift or product, then our plastic boxes are a great option. They look wonderful holding greeting cards, photographs, candies, and tech items. Whenever your items have great designs you want others to notice without opening the packaging first, our custom plastic boxes are perfect. Plus, our plastic boxes ship flat and cut down on the shipping costs for large quantity orders.

GREAT FOR: Branded gifts, giveaway gifts, corporate gifts and more

Tin Boxes

When it comes to creating custom tin boxes, there’s really nothing our team at distinctive goods cannot create. Aside from being available in any size and shape you can imagine, tin boxes also come in specialty colors, with unique finishes, and even feature different closure types.If you’re looking for a versatile material with multipurpose use, then creating custom tin boxes is the right option for your upcoming project! Here’s what you should know about how our craftsmen

GREAT FOR: Wedding favours, business gifts, giveaway gifts, b2b gifts and more

Drawstring Bags and paper bags

Give one of our drawstring bags to your event-goer or gift recipient in addition with your personalized gift to provide an additional keepsake item. Our drawstring bags come in a variety of sizes and fabrics and are widely viewed as practical and low-cost gift packing solutions.

We also have an assortment of speciality paper bags to choose from for any occasion. With countless sizes and a wide variety of styles, we’re sure to have the paper bag you’re searching for. This includes euro totes, twisted handles shopping bags, handle-less sacks and more. Learn how we can personalize our paper bags and see what we have in stock below.

GREAT FOR: Birthdays, events of all kinds, business 2 business and more