Corporate Gift Ideas

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Teals Prairie offers innovative and creative corporate gift ideas that can be personalised for any business, recipient, budget or event.

You can create your very own gift by adding a client’s name as well as your own brand. We have creative and flexible ways of customising our products. This  helps you stay connected with the people who matter most to your business.


When you send the same gift to everyone, its appeal can get diluted.

This is why it is so important to consider the gift recipient above all else!

We’ll help you add the personal touch. Together with your logo, we can add an individual’s name, monogram and/or a message on your chosen corporate gift. This will make it more meaningful and special for the gift recipient, and creates a more positive image for your brand.

Build Your Own Gift

Searching for the perfect gift for your business client, VIP customers or employees? We’ll help you customise a corporate gift that is unique to the recipient.

Choose from thousands of products in our catalogue for the perfect corporate gift ideas. Can’t decide? Let our specialists help you select the perfectly curated business gift for your next new launch or an employee recognition event.

Don't Break the Bank!

If you own a small business or start-up and want to thank those who got you on your feet, we’re here to help you do that on a budget. Browse our inexpensive corporate gift ideas. We can personalise these any way you want for your friends and team members.

Are you looking for a custom Christmas gift for your team members? Check out our selection of personalised Christmas gifts to send a thoughtful message.

Branded Tech Giveaways

USB drives, charging docks and other tech accessories are promotional staples but let’s leave the cheap plastic gifts in the past. These sustainable tech gifts are perfect for promotions.

Don't get boxed in!

Create meaningful custom gift boxes for your products, events and promotions.

Practical but Not Boring!

Looking for something impactful? The best business gifts are ones that get a lot of use. We want to help you create gifts that your clients will actually hold onto. Here are some practical gift ideas.

Luxurious Corporate Gifts

A little bit of luxury goes a long way in persuading clients that your business will go the extra mile for them. Browse our curated range of luxurious business gift ideas that can be personalised for a unique gift experience.

Promotional Clothing

What’s a promotion without some branded clothing and swag? Add your logo to these sustainable clothing items and make your brand stand out!

Why are personalised products better?

Personalising your corporate gift can lead to it being a more successful campaign than a simple branded giveaway. The folks at ProductGraph have the stats to show it, read more about it here!

Extra Touches

We can add extra touches to enhance the entire gift experience. For example, we are able to provide custom wooden boxes, printed ribbons, stickers or inserts, hence adding an additional dimension to the gift. We can also source promotional material and fillers such as local craft gin, motivational books or luxurious food samplers to make it all a little bit more exciting!

In addition, whether you order 10 or 1,000, we are able to fulfil your order by sending your corporate gift to multiple recipients, ensuring it gets to where it is needed.

Contact a Distinctive Goods specialist now. We will provide help and expertise every step of the way to help you find unique corporate gift ideas that will not only impress your clients but also keep your brand top-of-mind.

Fun Staff Gift Ideas

Our partners over at Crate Drop provide fun alternatives to traditional staff and promotional gifts. We can work with them to create bespoke gifts and events for your brand!