Sports Swag – Branding for the Championship!

Custom Event Gifts - Sporting SWAG

There comes in a sporting persons life where simple competition is not enough and the reward of a game played well and fair just does not cut it. We are talking about prizes people! We are not just talking about an off-the-shelf trophy either. With our one of a kind customization service you can brand your event any way you like it. Create a logo, craft players kits, prestige prizes for winners and fun prizes for losers or any way you like it. You can make any event you own with a custom trophy, giveaway or just a fun logo to make it all seem more Olympian!

Golfing or Drinking! Sportsman's Refreshment

We worked with a group of golfers to create a set of personalized golf gift sets (read: drinking gift sets!) and accessories for their annual championship bash.

They wanted a design for their personal championship to present on a number of different personalized golf gift sets so we drafted a few ideas incorporating classic golfing style.

This golfing design was incorporated into their event gift set. There did seem to be a drinking theme developing based on the prizes awarded but who are we to question the training strategies of men who pack 12 beers each for a 9am tee off?  We assume everyone who can still stand at the end gets a prize…