Fun Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Can't Wait For Christmas? IF YOU'RE struggling to contain your overly excited kids the night before Christmas, behold our fun Christmas Eve box ideas! The Christmas Eve Box made its debut a couple of years ago, and we understood it originated from a German tradition of opening presents on Christmas Eve. We also know how [...] Continue reading »

Gift Ideas from Kids for Lazy Parents

THERE IS nothing quite like receiving a gift that a child has made. It’s sweet, touching, and oh-so-adorable. Parents, grandparents and relatives will adore it – it’s a clear winner. If you're struggling for gift ideas from kids, then you've came to the right place! Now, we can enshrine your kids’ drawings by engraving it [...] Continue reading »

Unsuitable Pets – Alternative Animal Gift Options

Today we weigh the benefits of buying a cute exotic pet against the risks of getting eaten later in the growth cycle. Animal gifts have always been controversial. Julius Caesar purportedly bought Cleopatra a snake for her birthday and we know how that worked out. The thought of getting chased round the back garden by a hungry member [...] Continue reading »