Gift Ideas from Kids for Lazy Parents

There is nothing quite like receiving a gift that a child has made. It’s sweet, touching, and oh-so-adorable. Parents, grandparents and relatives will adore it – it’s a clear winner. If you’re struggling for gift ideas from kids, then you’ve came to the right place!

Now, we can enshrine your kids’ drawings by engraving it on to an item of your choice, turning it into a “kid made” gift!

It’s one-off, personalized, and will bring on many smiles. Plus, your kids will be thrilled to see their artwork transferred to a different and unusual medium!

If you’ve got stacks and stacks of your favourite kids’ drawings sitting in a pile, you’ve got your work cut out for you. If not, put your toddler’s Picasso skills to the test!

Here are some great gift ideas from kids!

These personalized leather journals can double up as a Christmas card and practical everyday diary. The surface is perfect for taking all sorts of engraving, acting as a blank canvas. Now, you can motivate your other half by reminding them of their kids every time they jot down a task, thought or idea.

This personalized trinket box is the perfect creative kid made gift for Mom and Grandma alike. We took a little one’s line drawing and plonked it onto the lid of a keepsake box perfect for holding mementos and such. It will surely be treasured till the child is full-grown and embarrassed by their innocent scribbles.

Too tired for arts and crafts? Sick of coloured macaroni?

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Every Dad needs a loving reminder on a daily basis, so why not let your beloved kids put their own take on it? Is Dad on the naughty or nice list this year? Let your kids decide, doodle and we’ll engrave!

Send us your kids’ drawings! Our elves at Distinctive Goods fully dedicate themselves to making sure that your child’s kid made gift is made that little bit more special this Christmas.

Choose a product that will make a suitable canvas for your kids’ drawings. Pick a bigger square or rectangular surface area with more room for play, such as journals, chopping boards, cheese boards, hip flasks, toiletry bags, mugs or coasters. Your kids’ drawings should have bold, thicker lines to avoid any loss in detail.

Great gift ideas for engraving your kids’ drawings