Surprising Gift Ideas for Men Who Have Everything

Unique and Refreshing Gift Ideas

Some people just can not wait to buy themselves something. As boys they had probably eaten breakfast on their birthday morning at 2am and were impatiently waiting to open their presents.  Finding a utility gift for these guys is impossible. They bought it when they first thought of it. You have to think outside the box if you are trying to find a gift for him that he does not already have! The answer? Design the box yourself! Add a photo or a lyric or a favourite design on the box and choose the best gift ideas for the man who has everything. And while you are at it – add a nice message for him to make it unique.

Get Romantic with a Design of Your Own 

The best way to celebrate a romantic birthday or Christmas with him is with a gift that reminds you of something shared and personal. That could be a song, a funny phrase, a shared joke place or even an infamous drawing from your children. We can engrave or inscribe almost anything into most of our gift ideas. You could take a photo of your first romantic holiday and we could put this on the box with monogrammed cufflinks inside. Or you can inscribe a metal card for his wallet with the lines from your wedding vows. We have done them all!

Get Personal with a Monogram Just for Him

The man who has everything usually wants for nothing. Some men are not so keen on public displays of affection so romantic gifts can be a bit difficult to present. Naturally this presents a problem when you are trying to gift a romantic and unique present! The solution is a monogrammed gift. Understated, under-rated and subtle but also very personal, an engraved monogram gift shows a certain panache and style. You can choose your own monogram in keeping with his style or you can even create your own or find one on the internet.

Surprise Him with Something Creative

Home made gifts can be hit or miss depending on your craft skills. We can tell you from personal experience that fingerpainting is usually only appreciated before you hit the age of 6.  With all the gifts we offer you can add an element of your own into them. Whether you add an engraved line of your crushingly romantic poetry to a nice journal, a favourite song verse to a plaque or merely a nice monogram you have selected to a notebook, the choice is yours!

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