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The Best Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas


Ugly Christmas Sweater Ideas - Be the Ugliest at the Party!

Tis the season for Christmas parties, and ugly Christmas sweater ideas! Shiny tinsel, gaudy colours, flashing lights, or a few rude words – there are no boundaries when it comes to creating an ugly Christmas sweater masterpiece for the festive season.

Whether you are going plain Jane, a little cheeky or downright ugly, you don’t have to limit this fashion atrocity to your wardrobe.

We can now capture your special ugly Christmas sweater moments and print them on to our wooden photo boxes.

If you are purchasing any of our items with a box, the very box can be personalized with a favourite photo of you or your loved ones in ugly Christmas sweaters. Great for display as a photo frame, and perfect for storing your Christmassy bits and bobs.

Our boxes are available in different wood finishes and box sizes. Pick your own photo or design, and leave the rest to us.


This year, we were inspired by a #ChristmasJumperDay campaign run by Save the Children. Here, we bring you the most noteworthy and ugly Christmas sweater ideas to get you in the right mindset.



Take some inspiration from this lovely couple who look as if they’ve taken a tumble in the craft store and gotten the right idea! No particular set of skills are needed, just grab everything festive in sight and stick it on. How much easier could it be?



An unusual and funny Christmas sweater design for those with a sweet tooth! How many gingerbread men will survive this year?



Got some extra baubles or tinsel lying around? Grab some glue and update your old existing ugly Christmas sweaters! Waste not, want not!



Why stop at ugly when you can embody a whole new character? These mature ladies love a creative and funny Christmas!



The only instance where we will allow drinking on the job. This big guy’s been working hard, so slip him a little scotch when the kids are in bed. Drink and ride responsibly, Santa!



Don’t leave the pets out of the family fun. Ugly Christmas sweater ideas are for everyone, canines and felines included.



This grandfather rules! Accessorize basic ugly Christmas sweaters with funky glasses and a bad-ass attitude. It’s all you need.



Undoubtedly the biggest birthday bash of them all! Cheers!



Show your love and appreciation for your siblings with this funny Christmas design. They’ll love it!



Who said festive fashion had to make sense? The wackier, the better!

We’re had taken part in the #ChristmasJumperDay campaign by Save the Children on the 13th of December. Please donate what you can to help those in need this Christmas. Follow #ChristmasJumperDay on Save the Children’s Twitter page @savechildrenuk.

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