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Timeless Children’s Drawings Engraved

Great Gift Ideas to Say Thank You for Children’s Presents

So every parent out there has a child that is definitely a Michelangelo in the making (In Mummy and Daddy’s eyes of course!). We invited some of our creative customers to add their children’s drawings to some of our gifts and we will update here as they come in. You can add a kid’s picture of Daddy in the office to some great stationery or one of their latest abstract masterpiece’s to encourage them to draw or paint more!

bad kids drawing

These horses have been painted at a critical moment in their friendship

Let Us Create a Design From Your Children’s Picture

We can put almost anything into wood, metal or glass (hold on, maybe not glass!) which  is a great way to get them to value their art and their artistic development. Your child’s painting or drawing stuck to the fridge may not last that long in the rough and tumble of growing up. However if it is carved into a journal, sketchbook or a mug then it lasts a lot longer. Or how about putting the drawing onto a pen or custom keychain and sending it to Grandma?


Kid's Drawings

Fido has now got 5 legs… wait… are they ALL legs?

This image goes nicely into the casing of this wooden watch gift set. You can add it to the box as well for a lovely keepsake that will last long enough to embarrass them when they are teenagers!

Gift for Dad Ideas

Choose Any of our Gifts to Add Your Kid’s Drawing or Painting

You could put a children’s drawing engraved into wood or stone or leather on a gift watch for Daddy – he might find it amusing that mummy is a bit lopsided and the 5-legged dog will be happy with that rendering we are sure. Check out our other range or creative gift ideas for children and for their artworks!


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