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Dark and Smooth Valet Tray Set – Tie and Men’s Accessories Gift Set


Dark and Smooth Valet Tray Set – Tie and Men’s Accessories Gift Set


  • Black Marble Valet Tray With A Full Set Of Dress Accessories
  • Great Gift for Groomsmen, Executives Or Style Warriors
  • Customized Gift Box With Your Own Design
  • Optional Free Groomsmen Branding Set & Coasters

Groomsmen Branding

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Personalized Tie, Tray & Accessories Gift Set Groomsmen Gift

This gift set for men is a best seller for those who want to match up the groomsmen, the best man and the father of the bride. It is also a great way to give an executive look to boyfriends, dads and colleagues. This personalized men’s gift set includes a smooth line-textured black tie, easy-clip cuff-links, a slim tie clip and four pairs of collar stays. This is all presented in a solid valet tray hewed out of black marble. Two black canvas bags for storage are also included and set into a black cap top kraft gift box.

Everything can be personalized in this gift set except for the tie and drawstring bag. Groomsmen branding option gives you groomsmen bags and a set of groomsmen paper coasters.

The gift bag and gift paper shown in the picture are not automatically included but if you are looking for custom bulk buy sets for your events please get in touch and we can arrange a custom package.

Unique personalized gift – ideal for promotional gifts, special events or for the woman or man who has everything!

Specs: Tie measures 3.15 inch wide max (fine spun cotton), Tie Clip – 1.75 inch; Cuff Link Size – 0.5 inch square (fits all shirts); collar stays are 0.4 inch wide and come in 4 sizes – 2.2, 2.5, 2.8 and 3 inch long. Tray measures 5.8 inch in diameter black onyx marble.

Personalization Options

  • Choose to follow the same design in our photos and replace the lettering with your own.
  • Or you can choose to tell us about a special font, send us your own graphics or vector artwork.
  • For promotional gifts or corporate gifts, we can use your logo or help create a new design.

Ask us about bulk buy promotional gift ideas or event branding giveaways. We can access a wide range or packaging and customization options. Major discounts for business gifts and branding gifts.