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Movember Gift Ideas for Men – Grooming Sets

MOVEMBER is nearly upon us and we decided to get involved for the sake of Burt Reynolds’ legacy and offer a great gift idea for men with a Movember deadline. 10% of all proceeds will go to the Movember Foundation charity for prostate cancer and other worthwhile causes.

These personalized mustache cufflinks  make a great matching statement for birthdays or a celebration of all things hairy.

mustache cuff links

Or if the homeless lumberjack look has finally gone out of fashion then this men’s personalized grooming set  will keep the turf well cropped.


Somewhere to keep it all? This handsome men’s monogrammed toiletry or wash bag is ideal for stashing the tools of the trade and travelling to far flung exotic places (or to the parents for the holidays).


Finally, December comes, the significant other is starting to get stubble rash and children in the street are making Chewbacca noises at you. It is time to say goodbye to the 1850’s facial fashion with this classy razor and soap bowl and maybe a congratulatory message?! Roll on next Movember!