Secret Messages For The World To See

secret messages
THE MYSTERY, the intrigue, of some of the secret messages that come our way! In this case, an inscription of the code word itself, "X". On an open-faced keychain. Not exactly discreet, for the world to see. In essence, a secret between two people that's not so secret. But still effectively excludes everyone else, with [...] Continue reading »

In Everyday Etchings, we bring you inspiring and personal stories from people around the world.

With an added name, a private message or your own artwork, a gift takes on deeper meaning when you take a personal interest.

Take inspiration from these customers who show how you can engrave anything, on everything, for the lucky peeps in your life.


A Retirement Journal for a Special Sergeant

THIS WAS a request from a son who wanted a retirement remembrance book for his Dad who had worked in the police force for 30 years.   From design execution to delivery, this customer planned carefully. He was even hoping to get the personalised leather notebook delivered before the retirement party, so that those who

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